OLD MT CARMEL CEMETERY Inscriptions of gravestones still in existence in 1935
UNDER CONSTRUCTION Although all surnames are included and all graves accounted for, many inscriptions on this page are incomplete. Please email me if you have an interest in a specific name.
My own annotations to inscriptions are enclosed in [square brackets]
* = names I am researching or have further knowledge of.
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Grave / Surname Inscription
32 ARNOLD Sacred to the memory of Rose ARNOLD a native of the parish of Kilmessan, County Meath, Ireland, who departed this life November 3rd, 1865 in the 63rd year of age. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. Erected by her loving children.
38 BEATY Slate; badly chipped at top. IHS [the H has a cross coming out the top]
Erected by his child/ ren in memory of JAMES/ BEATY a native of/ PHILIPSTOWN, KINGS COUNTY/ IRELAND, who died March 11th, 1867/ Aged 72 years/ Also his son JOSEPH BEATY/ died January 31st, 1867. Aged/ 24 years
25 BOYLAN Marble, badly weathered, leaning. Erected by John BOYLAN in memory of his beloved wife BRIDGET BOYLAN (rest of inscription illegible)
55 CAHILL Marble, IHS. Erected by Margaret CAHILL In memory of her beloved parents Patrick CAHILL who died December 5th 1859. Aged 77 years. Catherine CAHILL who died May 13, 1861. Aged 66 years. Also their children Ellen, died Feb 30th [sic] 18(5)5. Aged 22 years. Thomas, died Jan 18(56). Aged 21 years. Natives of the parish of EM(R)ER, CO. WEST MEATH, IRELAND
49 CARROLIN IHS. Erected by Patrick (C)ARROLIN in memory of his beloved wife Mary who died May --. 1857. Aged 57 years. Native of ----County Meath, Ireland. Also their children, James --- (Rest illegible).
37 CASEY * Marble, badly weathered. Patrick CASEY (next 6 lines are illegible) Rose, wife of Patrick CASEY, a native of County Louth, Ireland. Died Aug 19, 1872, aged 73 years. [I am researching a different CASEY family of Astoria]
11 CHRISTY Marble; top broken off; leaning. In memory of Bridget CHRISTY the beloved wife of William CHRISTY, A NATIVE OF THE PARISH OF Bush, County -----, Ireland. Died Feb. --- 1871, aged 50 years. Also her husband William CHRISTY died Feb 10th, 187(6) Aged 72 years
39 CONNOLY Marble. Sacred to the memory of Alice, wife of James CONNOLY, born in New York Sep 20, 1830. Died June 7 1865. Also her son James Henry born June 19th 186( ). Died --29th 1866
31 CRANLEY Marble; Erected by Mary Ann CRANLEY, native of Mt (B)iscoe, Kings County, Ireland...
[the line naming the deceased is missing from the transcript.]
Who died Nov 2, 1864. Aged 48 years. Also his two children. May their sould rest in peace. Amen.
67 CRAWLEY Marble. IHS. In memory of Patrick CRAWLEY who departed this life Nov 5, 1855, aged 40 years. A native of County Louth, Ireland. Also Michael REED who departed this life March 25, 1854, aged 50 years. May their souls rest in peace.
12 CREIGHTON Granite; cross broken off top. IHS Erected by Patrick CREIGHTON in memory of his beloved wife Mary, died June 16, 1875, aged 53 yrs. George CREIGHTON died Oct 29, 1881, aged 8 mos. William Patrick CREIGHTON, died Feb 7, 1888, aged 35 yrs. Patrick CREIGHTON, died July 3, 1901, aged 87 years. CREIGHTON.
14 CREIGHTON marble, badly weathered; erected to the memory of James CREIGHTON by his ---- Died October 1, 1866. Aged (5)9 years. The rest of the inscription is illegible.
72 DARCY Erected by Philip DARCY. In memory of his beloved wife Johanna who died Oct 21, 1861 aged 37 years.
Also their children Julia, who died April 8th 1864 aged 12 years,
Johanna who died June 10th 1861 aged 10 years, John who died April 8th 1864 aged 12 years,
Johanna who died June 11th 1866 aged 13 years.
May their souls rest in piece. Amen.
8 DAVIS This consists of a plot 4' x 16' with six wooden posts and an iron railing badly rusted. It contains one small marble headstone which reads: In memory of Richmond S. DAVIS, Died May 8, 18(9)5, Aged 55 years. Private U.S.S. Cyane
21 DELAHUNTY * Marble; face badly chipped. IHS Erected by John DELAHUNTY in memory of his son William who died Dec 19, 1852, aged 17 years, 6 months, a native of Co. (TH-----ARY), Ireland. May he rest in peace, Amen. [* aka DELEHANTY or DELAHANTY. Family came from Thurles, Tipperary]
41 DONNELLY Arthur F. DONNELLY 1902 (55)
15 DUNN Marble; condition poor, sunken. [cross] IHS in memory of Owen DUNN native of OURENS(?) County, Ireland who died Dec. 28, 1859, Aged 58 years.
36 Edward ? Marble, badly weathered, top broken off. -- who died Dec 28, 1866 (aged 75) ; also his son Edward
60 ENRIGHT Erected by Ellen ENRIGHT, ini memory of her son Thomas J. 1862 died March 18th, 1862, aged 26 years 3 mo 18 days. May his sould rest in peace. Amen.
28 EVERS This consists of a plot 6 1/2' x 10" with granite posts at the corners and iron railings. The monument which is granite and surmounted by a lyre reads: In Loving Remembrance of James A. EVERS born Nov 14, 1872. died Jan 7, 1902. It is just a short time ago/ Our Loved one went to rest,/ We have missed him oh! so sadly/ But God knew what was best. Rosa T. EVERS born March 22, 1846. Died April 3, 1909. Patrick J. EVERS born Feb 28, 1846; Died June 24, 1926. EVERS. (The front two posts bear the name EVERS.)
48 Father Marble, sunken and leaning: one word: FATHER
65 FLANAGAN * MARBLE; condition fair WILLIAM FLANAGAN, Died July 23, 1852, age 7 years; JOHN FLANAGAN, Mar. 24, 1871, Age 33 years; ANDREW FLANAGAN, Died Feb. 28, 1870, Age 66 years; Also his wife SARAH, Died Sept.28, 1877, age 78 years. [LIC death reg cites Sept 27 and age 73 --PF]
16 FLOOD Marble, weathered & sunken. IMO Phillip FLOOD who died ---- aged (68) years. Mary FLOOD, who died Feby 6, 1863. Aged 65 years. Natives of the parish of --- (the rest of the inscription is below the surface.)
52 FLOOD Bridget FLOOD 1846 (45), son Thomas 1860 (22)
3 GARLIN Marble; fairly well preserved. Sacred to the memory of our beloved parent Ellen GARLIN who died Nov 18, 1885, aged (6)1 years
1 GILMER MARBLE; partly washed away. In memory of Margaret GILMER born in OROCHE( )A, Ireland. Died Nov 27, 18(8)9, Aged 78 years.
And her husband ---- KELLY ----.
-- Andrew Paul ---- and Michael KELLY (verse below unreadable)
79 GREEN Marble, leaning. Sacred to the memory of Hugh GREEN a native of Stebannon, County Louth, Ireland. Who departed this life January 1st, 1859, aged 42 years.
Also his five children John, Stephen, Jane and Margaret.
Also Nicholas COLGAN who died January 2nd 1851, aged 36 years Also his beloved wife Judith who died January 2nd 1851 aged 29 years.
May their souls rest in peace. Erected by Catharine GREEN
69 HARRIS IHS Erected by George HARRIS in memory of his daughter Sarah Jane HARRIS, who died Sept 11, 1861 Aged 1 year 4 months
83 HIGGINS In the form of an open book mounted on a short shaft on which is the name HIGGINS
61 HOGAN In memory of William HOGAN, died Aug 20, 1855 aged 42 years. Ann HOGAN, died Jan 14(?) 1878, aged 67 years. Natives of Milton Co. Westmeath, Ireland
Thomas CROWLEY, died Nov 3, 1875, aged 33 years Native of Co Louth, Ire. RIP
64 HYLAND Granite (name HYLAND on back) Erected by William HYLAND in loving memory of his son, William J. HYLAND. Died June 11, 1903, aged 20 years. Also his beloved wife Sarah HYLAND Died July 13, 1911, aged 66 years.
35 JOYCE * Granite, condition good. IHS JOYCE erected to the memory of William JOYCE Sr by his beloved wife Ann. Died Jan 16, 1867 aged 37 years native of Co. Galway, Ireland; William Jr died Oct 9, 1907, aged 46 years. Born in Astoria.
78 KAMMERER Marble. in memory of Eugen KAMMERER. Born July 22th 1836. Died Oct 22, 1890. A member of Comp E. 68 N.Y. Volunteers
1 GILMER MARBLE; partly washed away. In memory of Margaret GILMER born in OROCHE( )A, Ireland. Died Nov 27, 18(8)9, Aged 78 years.
And her husband ---- KELLY ----.
-- Andrew Paul ---- and Michael KELLY (verse below unreadable)
13 KELLY Granite; condition good. --- i.h.s. ---
Sacred to the memory of John KELLY d. Jul 4, 1870 age 55 years. also his wife Margaret, died April 21, 1891 age 73 years.
James J. KELLY died May 23, 1892, age 32 years. May their souls rest in peace.
53 LAWLER Granite. In loving memory of John LAWLER died Oct 31, 1858. Aged 41 years Native of Queens County, Ireland.
[ Note: Date in survey looks like 1858 or 1838. However the cemetery was not in existence in 1838.]
47 LAWLESS Granite. In memory of Elizabeth LAWLESS died Jan 6, 1884, aged 60 years; William F. Lawless, died Oct 25, 1875, Aged 19 years. James J. Lawless, died Nov 12, 1876, aged 22 years. Thomas B. Lawless, died March 4, 1877, aged 25 years. Joseph A. Lawless, died June 25, 1885, aged 22 years Christopher Lawless, died July 7, 1885, aged 59 years. Requiescant in pace. LAWLESS.
77 Lawrence ----- Marble, sunken; inscription illegible, erected by Lawrence -----
18 MAHAN Marble; badly weathered, [cross] IHS. In memory of Peter MAHAN, born in Kings County, Ireland Died in Hartford Conn, June 30th, 186(6), Aged 51 years. Requiescat in pace. (Verse illegible) Erected by Margaret MAHAN as a tribute of respect to the memory of her beloved husband.
42 MALONE Nellie MALONE (1896-97)
29 Margaret Margaret, wife of... rest below ground
6 MARLOW Marble; condition poor. Erected by Thomas MARLOW in memory of his beloved wife, Catharine MARLOW, a native of the parish of LONG( )OLD, Co T(y)rone, Ireland Who Departed this Life ----(6)1, Aged 35 years
76 McCAN William McCAN IMO wife Janet 1850 (45)
85 MCINTIRE Granite, leaning, Patrick MCINTIRE, Mary, Ann
10 MIMNAUGH Marble; weather beaten and sunken. Erected by Patrick MIMNAUGH, in memory of his beloved wife Mary MIMNAUGH who died Nov 28, 1863.
75 MOONEY Marble, leaning. Erected by Elizabeth MOONEY in memory of her beloved husband James MOONEY, a native of Conty Meath Ireland, who died Dec 23, 1862, aged 60 years.
9 MORRIS Marble; fair condition. In memory of John MORRIS, who died Aug. 21st, 1881, Aged 53 years. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
19 MULDARRY Granite; condition excellent. IHS. Erected by Thomas MULDARRY in memory of his beloved wife Rose MULDARRY a native of Empor, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Died Jan 3rd 1866, Aged 40 years. Also her beloved son Peter MULDARRY died Ded 25th, 1884, aged 33 years. Also her son John, died Sept 15th 1854, aged 10 months. Also the above Thomas MULDARRY, died Jan 30, 1895, aged 70 years.
4 MURPHY Granite; good condition. IHS Memorium. Rose MURPHY a native of Co. Meath, Ireland, died July 19th, 1876 aged 53 years. Resquiescat in pace. John MURPHY a native of Co. Cavan, Ireland. Died June 4, 1879, aged 58 years
5 MURPHY Marble; cracked; inscription poor. Sacred to the memory of Patrick MURPHY -- Ireland
22 MURPHY marble; badly weathered. (Sacrificial lamb on altar.) IHS. Erected by James and Christina MURPHY in memory of their daughter Catherine Ann who died --------- 1862. Aged 19 years.
44 MURPHY Marble, overturned, MURPHY
23 OAKLEY MARBLE, broken in half, top half eroded from contact with ground & hence illegible. Beloved son John B. OAKLEY who departed this life December 7th 1866. Aged 21 years & 10 months. May he rest in peace. Amen. For you ---dear I am not dead but ---ing here as I am --you all must be prepared for death and follow me
62 O'BRIEN Patrick O'BRIEN 1849 (10), Charles SMITH 1855-1858
33 O'CONNOR John O'CONNOR, Susan 1863 (37)
82 O'RORK Marble, condition good. IHS. In memory of JOHN O'RORK parish Culnullin, Co. Meath, Ireland. Died May 22, 1862, aged 34 years and 2 mos. Requiescant in pace. Amen Erected by his brother _________
56 O'ROURKE Margaret O'ROURKE 1853 (60)
51 OWENS Margaret OWENS wife of Michael 1861(30)
70 PRYER Granite shaft. In memory of Father & Mother. Patrick PRYER died Sept 21, 1880
34 R. S. R. S.
66 REED MARBLE; badly eroded. Erected by Thomas REED in memory of his beloved wife Mary REED... (Rest of inscription illegible)
68 REYNOLDS Christopher REYNOLDS 1812-1884, Mary 1822-1896
73 SHAW In memory of Benjamin F. SHAW who died Oct 15, 1844, Aged 40 yrs. 6 mo & 3 d's
40 SHERIDAN Patrick SHERIDAN in memory of his parents John and Ann. Erected Jul 1, 1893. Requiescat in pace.
17 SHERLOCK Marble; sunken. Erected by Robert SHERLOCK in memory of his children Patrick died July 21, 1851, aged 2 mo, Janes, died March 1, 1861, aged (5) yrs. & 2 mos. also his sister Elizabeth (rest below surface)
62 SMITH Marble, badly weathered. Sacred to the memory of Patrick O'BRIEN who departed this life on the 40th of October 1849. Aged 10 years. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. Also of Charles SMITH, Born the 1st of August 1855. Died April the 11th 1858. Aged 2 years 8 months and 11 days.
26 STAFFORD Marble; badly weathered. I.H.S. In memory of our beloved father Patrick STAFFORD, who died Apr. 10, 18(6)9 and mother who died Decr. 8, 1888
71 TALBOT Sacred to the memory of Libbie E. TALBOT Born July 28, 1854. Died March 23, 1871.
81 WYRE Marble. Catherine WYRE. Departed this life March 23, 1859. In the 53 year of her life.
2   overturned
7   Granite; overturned
20   This a plot 7 1/2' x 7 1/2' with four granite posts at the corners, with an iron railing. There is no monument.
24 - Marble, inscription below ground level.
27 - A small headstone, bearing the inscription S.-O.G.:
30   overturned
43   Marble, overturned
45   no monument
46 no monument Overturned
50   Marble, overturned
54   Marble, overturned
57   marble...
58 below surface Marble, inscription below surface
59 broken Marble, broken and chipped
74 illegible Marble, sunk; inscription illegible
84 below ground Marble, completely
86 Marble, completely below ground


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